We're hosting a demonstration instance of SecureDrop so that anyone can see how it works.
It's been modified to run on a normal HTTP website rather than Tor Hidden Services, which is not recommended for real instances in production.

WARNING: Do NOT submit any news tips or leaks here. This is a sample SecureDrop for demonstration purposes only.

SecureDrop consists of two interfaces: one for meant for sources, and another for journalists. Here are the links.


Source Interface

Journalist Interface

Freely submit documents and check for journalist's feedback.
A login is needed to access interface. See below for the credentials.

If you run into a problem with the demo or need to discuss more about what it does, please write a message in the forum.

About Journalist Interface


Username: journalist
Password: WEjwn8ZyczDhQSK24YKM8C9a

You'll also need to scan the following QR code with the Google Authenticator or the FreeOTP smartphone app in order to generate the 6-digit codes needed for logging in.

Time-based One-time Password

Base32 version of this QR Code: JHCO GO7V CER3 EJ4L
Base32 version of this QR Code: JHCO GO7V CER3 EJ4L

If you have no idea what a Two-factor Code is, you can copy/paste it below: (still valid for  seconds).

GPG encryption

Finally, all submissions are decrypted with a GPG private key, which you can download here.